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Voluntary Adoption

The CAQH® CORE® Operating Rules described on this page have been finalized and approved by CAQH® CORE® and its participating members for voluntary adoption and certification.  They are not mandated by federal law.

For more information on CAQH® CORE® voluntary certification, see https://www.caqh.org/core/core-certification-process

Change Healthcare has obtained CAQH® CORE® voluntary certification for the Eligibility & Benefit, Claim Status, and Payment & Remittance Operating Rules. See Change Healthcare Accreditations & Certifications for additional information.

The table below shows all voluntary operating rules.

Operating RulesX12 TR3Rules Define
Health Care ClaimsX12/005010X222A2 (837P)
X12/005010X223A3 (837I)
X12/005010X224A3 (837D)
Infrastructure, connectivity, response time, companion guide, acknowledgments.
Prior Authorization & ReferralsX12/005010X217 (278)Data content, proprietary web portal standardization, final determination timeframe, infrastructure, connectivity, response time, companion guide, acknowledgments.
Benefit EnrollmentX12/005010X220A1 (834)Infrastructure, connectivity, response time, companion guide, acknowledgments.
Premium PaymentX12/005010X218 (820)Infrastructure, connectivity, response time, companion guide, acknowledgments.
Patient Attribution (Value-Based Payment)X12/005010X279A1 (270/271)
X12/005010X318 (834)
Single Patient Attribution requirements for the Health Care Eligibility Benefits Inquiry and Response (270/271)

Attributed Patient Roster requirements for Member Reporting (834): data content, infrastructure, connectivity, response time, companion guide, acknowledgments.
Connectivity Rule v4.4.0n/aAn update to prior connectivity rules. Not yet rolled to earlier operating rule sets; see www.caqh.core for additional information.


Regulatory Consideration

No federal regulation has been issued adopting the operating rules described on this page; however, the National Committee on Vital and Health Statistics (NCVHS) conducted hearings on prospective adoption in 2016 and again in 2020.  After these hearings, the NCVHS recommended against federal mandate of these rules, but encouraged the industry to pursue voluntary adoption. 

NCVHS letters of recommendation are available here:


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