We’re Committed to Keeping Your Information Safe

At Change Healthcare, we take protecting payments information and accounts seriously. That’s why we go to great lengths to build and maintain a multilayered defense strategy.

How We Secure Your Payments Information and Accounts

Leading-Edge Technology

We leverage the latest technology, public and private data sources to fortify our processes and ensure your information is protected.

Fraud Experts

Given the ongoing need for fraud monitoring and protection improvements, we have a dedicated team assigned to continually evolve our fraud detection capabilities.

Security Alerts

Receive proactive notifications any time a change are made to your enrollment information.

What You Can Do to Help Prevent Fraud

  • Boost internal protections for systems and data
  • Monitor your accounts for any unauthorized transactions or missing funds
  • Look out for suspicious emails
  • Watch for Change Healthcare alerts for any unauthorized changes to your account


Suspect Fraud?

Contact Change Healthcare immediately if you suspect you are a victim of fraud or have received a fraudulent email from Change Healthcare. 

Other Questions

For other questions about medical claims, patient eligibility, ERA, and EFT payment information, please visit our Enrollment Services page.